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Partnership Registration

A partnership firm is the association of two or more person who work for profit on a common objective. It is most popular form of business to start with as it do not compulsorily needs registration cost. It is not compulsorily to register the firm but it is advisable to get it register due to various reason and enforce its legal rights e.g. right to sue. In such form of business, the liabilities of the partners are unlimited unlike the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)or the Corporates.

Time period : 7 to 10 days

(subjected to the processing time taken by Department)

Minimum Requirement

  • Two Partner
  • No Minimum Capital Requirement
  • Pan Card of Both the Director
  • Four Photograph of Each Director and Promoter
  • Address Proof of all the Director & Promoter – any one of the Following :- Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill, Electricity Bill, Bank Statement (should not be later than 2 months).
  • Registered Office address proof (Rent Agreement/ Sale Deed along with latest latest utility bill)


Rs. 3999.00

(All Expenses Includes)

Includes Drafting of Partnership Deed, Service Tax, PAN & TAN. (Stamp Paper Extra)


Rs. 10999.00

(All Expenses Includes)

Drafting of Partnership Deed, Registration, , PAN & TAN, Assistance in Bank Account. (Stamp Paper Ex...


Rs. 15999.00

(All Expenses Includes)

Drafting of Partnership Deed, Registration, PAN & TAN , Assistance in Bank Account, Trade Mark. (Sta...

Its Advantages

  • It is a separate legal entity and a juristic person under a law – company has its distinct identity from that of its members who subscribe in the share capital of the company.

  • It has a perpetual succession- life of the company doesn’t end with the death or the departure of its member.

  • It has its own common seal- such company has its common seal which is to be affixed in every document of the company

  • Such company has a capacity to sue and be sued- such company being a separate legal entity has power to sue any person.

  • Such company can also incur debts.

  • The liability of its members is limited.

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