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Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is the extended form of normal Partnership in the sense that unlike the normal Partnership, LLP offer Limited Liability for its partners. It has the elements of both partnership firms and corporations. In an LLP, one partner is not responsible or liable for another partner's misconduct or negligence. It has a perpetual succession. It is one of the easiest forms of business to incorporate and manage and are ideal for start ups and small businesses.

Time period : 5 to 10 days

(subjected to the processing time taken by Department)

Our Process

Obtaining Digital Signature Certificate
What is DSC?

Digital Signature Certificates are issued by Central certifying authority. It has the same significance as signing manually on the paper. All the forms and documents filled with the Registrar of Companies shall be digitally signed by the Director/Partner/ applicant.

Obtaining Director Identification Number
What is DIN?

Director Identification Number (DIN) is a unique number which is required to be taken by the person who intends to be director /Partner

Approval of Name
What is Name Approval?

Applicant of the company has to provide minimum 1 name and maximum 5 name according to their preference. If the first name is not available, then the second available name will be approved by the concerned ROC. Proposed name of the company should be unique and should not be resemble with Existing company/ LLP. Approval of name is subjected to satisfaction of ROC.

Incorporation & Registration of LLP
What is Incorporation & Registration of LLP?

After approval of name, and drafting of necessary documents e.g. Directors’ consent, Subscriber sheet, procedure for incorporation of the company started. It includes filling of forms viz. LLP-2 and documents with concerned ROC , After filling of Documents and Forms with Registrar of Companies, Roc shall review the documents and if required, further documents/ Clarification may be ask As and when the incorporation forms and documents approved by the ROC, a certificate of Incorporation will be issued by the ROC.

Drafting and Filling of Partnership agreement
What is LLP agreement?

Partnership agreement is the charter of the LLP which defines the Right, Duties and the relationship of the Partner in the LLP. After Incorporation of LLP, LLP agreement needs to be drafted and filed with the ROC in Form LLP-3

Minimum Requirement

  • Two Designated Partner
  • Two Partner
  • Designated Partner and partner may be the same
  • No Minimum Capital Requirement
  • Pan Card of Both the Director
  • Four Photograph of Each Director and Promoter
  • Address Proof of all the Director & Promoter – any one of the Following :- Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill, Electricity Bill, Bank Statement (should not be later than 2 months).
  • Registered Office address proof (Rent Agreement/ Sale Deed along with latest latest utility bill)


Rs. 5999.00

(All Expenses Includes)

Includes Incorporation of LLP, PAN, TAN and Assistance in Bank Account Opening.


Rs. 12999.00

(All Expenses Includes)

Includes Our Silver Package, Application of Trademark, LLP Common Seal


Rs. 15499.00

(All Expenses Includes)

Includes Our Gold Package, One Year Secretarial Compliances and Filling of First Income Tax Return

Its Advantages

  • It is a separate legal entity and a juristic person under a law – company has its distinct identity from that of its members who subscribe in the share capital of the company.

  • It has a perpetual succession- life of the company doesn’t end with the death or the departure of its member.

  • It has its own common seal- such company has its common seal which is to be affixed in every document of the company

  • Such company has a capacity to sue and be sued- such company being a separate legal entity has power to sue any person.

  • Such company can also incur debts.

  • The liability of its members is limited.

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