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ISI Registration

ISI mark is a certification mark for industrial products in India. The mark establish that the product has fulfils all the requirements of the Indian Standard. The ISI mark is the most recognized certification mark in the Indian. ISI Mark is a ensures the quality, safety and reliability. The name ISI is an abbreviation of Indian Standards Institute. The ISI mark is mandatory for certifying products to be sold in India like Some home applicances, edible items, cement, certain car parts, steel products, Pipes, Machines act etc.
It is very common in India to find products with fake ISI marks, that is, affixing ISI marks on the product without actually getting certified. Fake ISI marks usually do not carry the mandatory 7-digit license number required by Bureau of Indian Standards and IS number on top of the ISI mark for the particular product. This is a punishable offense by the law.

  • Time limit for the ISI Certification is 4 to 5 days

  • Time limit for the Audit of ISI Certification is 60 days

  • Submission of the Application form alongwith the required documents will be filed with the department

  • Test samples to be forwarded to Department

  • Test samples of the manufacturing unit will be forwarded to the department for conducting various tests, in accordance with the ISI standads from outside lab as recognised by BIS. If the certificate is given for the first time, testing scheme shall be finalized by the Department.

  • Deposit licence fee for issue of CML No. by BIS

  • If the report of the testing sample is found goods in all respect, the Department will issue the certificate for one year after deposit of required fees. After one year certificate needs to be renewed.

Minimum Document Requirement

  • Self Evaluation -cum- Verification Report.
  • Location Layout of the Business Unit
  • Pan Card of the Business Owner
  • Constitution of the Business owner
  • Address Proof of the Business premises
  • Address proof of the Business Owner
  • Copy of test report(s), duly authenticated, from independent BIS recognized laboratory indicating conformance of the product.
  • MOA & AOA in case of Company/ Partnership Deed in case of Partnership firm/ LLP agreement in case of LLP and bye laws in case of Trust and Society.
  • Certificate from concerned regulatory agencies like Central Insecticide Board (CIB), Chief Controller of Explosive (CCE) and Drug Controller etc., as applicable.
  • SSI Certificate in case firm is a small scale unit
  • Drawing of the product (as applicable).

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