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Copyright Registration

A copy right is a bundle of rights like, reproduction, communication to the public, adaptation and translation of the work, given by the legislature to a person for the :

  • Literary works (e.g., written works, source codes of computer programs)
  • Dramatic works (e.g.,. scripts for films and dramas),
  • Musical works (e.g., melodies)
  • Artistic works (e.g., paintings, photographs),

Published editions of the above works, Sound recordings, Films, Television and radio broadcasts, Cable programmes, Performances. It protect the original work of owner for its unauthorized use. It is just like a reward for the creativity that no body can use it without the permission of creator.

Our Process

Preparation of Copyright Application

After collecting requisite information, Application will be prepared and send to the client for signature.

Filling of copyright Application

After receiving signed application for the client, online application will be filed and original copies of documents will be filed in the department of Registrar of Copyright.

Additional Requirement

After filling of application with Registrar of Copyright, Registrar shall review the documents and if required, further documents/ Clarification may be ask

Registration of Copyright

Registration of Copyright will be get register in 2to 3 Month as per the procedure of Registration

Minimum Requirement

  • For requirement feel free to contact our business advisor


Rs. 5999.00

(All Expenses Includes)

Filing of Copyright Application and additional documents required by the Registrar, if any.

Its Advantages

  • It establishes a public record of the copyright holder's

  • It provides the exclusive right to the copy right holder to use his publication or work as he wants and can assign the same to other person as per his will. No one use his publication or work without hi permission.

  • It enables copyright holders to sue infringers in Court of Law and demand the loss incurred to him for using his creativity.

  • Import Export license

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